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302 Skincare Oily/Combination Cleanser Rx

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Neutralize acne and enjoy a feeling as wonderful as your clear skin will look. This deep and effective cleanser gently removes the effects of everyday life and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. 302 Skincare Oily/Combination Cleanser Rx offers all skin types a full clean feeling we know you will love.

Product Description

302 Oily/Combination Cleanser Rx is a low-foaming, cream cleanser that gently but effectively and easily removes dirt, oil, makeup, and debris to purify the surface of the skin down to the pores.  As it deep cleans the skin, it infuses nourishing hydration for a more vibrant complexion toned skin with less visible pores.  

Working on a wide range of skin types, 302 Oily/Combination Cleanser Rx regulates sebum production by sebaceous glands to reduce production of oil and prevent clogged pores.  Meanwhile, it neutralizes acne-causing bacteria for further clarifying benefits.  

Recommended Skin Types

302 Oily/Combination Cleanser is recommended for oily, acne-prone skin.

  • Acneic skin
  • Congestion
  • Active lesions


  • Absorbs excess oil to prevent clogged pores and reduce breakouts
  • Softens and conditions the skin for a supple texture and silky-smooth finish
  • Reduces inflammation in the follicles to regulate sebaceous gland production of oil and prevent congestion
  • Tones the skin to reduce the size and appearance of large pores
  • Neutralizes acne-causing bacteria to prevent blemishes
  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce the appearance of active breakouts
  • Anti-fungal
  • Removes debris from the skin to prevent pore-clogging
  • Infuses the skin with nourishing moisture for enhanced health
  • Works immediately to soften and condition the skin
  • Promotes long-term clarity and a breakout-free complexion

How to Apply

Shake the contents of 302 Oily/Combination Cleanser prior to use.  Apply a small amount to the dry surface of the skin like a lotion, focusing on areas with makeup and excess dirt or oil.  Allow to penetrate the skin for 10-30 seconds.  Reapply the cleanser with water, and work into a lather for another 10-30 seconds before rinsing thoroughly with cool, clear water. 

  • If irritation develops, discontinue use.


Certified organic, aqueous extracts of salvia sclarea (clary sage), rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary), citrus nobilis/lavandula intermedia (mandarin lavender), lippia citriodora (lemon verbena); kosher glycerine from corn; coconut derived amphoteric, avocado glycerides and triglycerides, polyglucose derived surfactant, cellulose polymer from pine trees, skin substantive alkyl sugars from sugar beets, biomass derived emulsifiers, zinc oxide tangerine oil, camphor, peppermint oil

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