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Crystal Citrine Charm

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Crystal Citrine Charm


What it is:
v Third chakra – naval “manipura”= lustrous gem of the city, energetic power center of the body

v Creativity and wealth to help embrace leadership roles

v “Success stone” or “Merchant stone”

v Well known to manifest abundance and brings good energies of good fortune

v Joyful stone, bringing happiness and removes negative energy to bring positivity

How to use it:
v If you’re having pains, hold Citrine on the pain. For example, for a stomach ache, hold over stomach area to relieve stomach pains.

v Think about what you’d like to manifest (money, health, new job) and write it down as if you already have it: “I now have a job I love.” Hold your Citrine in your dominant hand and say your manifest repeatedly out loud or in your head until you feel ready to stop. Once “programmed,” keep your Citrine near you.

v Fill your tub with warm water and place citrine in the tub to allow the water to be charged. Adding sea salt or Epson salt helps to absorb negative energy. Add as many essential oils as you’d like and soak in your tub for 20 minutes.

v Wear Citrine when you need an extra boost of confidence, a presentation at work, a job interview, or a first date. Citrine helps to banish anxiety and self-doubt.

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