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Crystal Hematite Ring or Bracelet

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Crystal Hematite Ring or Bracelet



What it is: 

v  “Stress stone”

v  Grounding and calming to release stress and anxiety

v  Heightens self-confidence and self-esteem

v  Keeps you balanced and more focused 

v  Root chakra – harmonizes the mind, body and spirit

v  Strengthens the body to help resist life’s stresses


How to use it: 

v  Wear Hematite ring on left hand if you are right-handed (and vice versa) to help boost intuition and awareness.

v  Wear Hematite bracelet to regulate blood flow in body and to stimulate the absorption of Iron.

v  Calm the mind, keep a clear focus and increase concentration by wearing.

v  Hematite has a brittle tenacity, so be careful, if ever dropped and broken, cleanse the stone (see below) and then give some pieces away, bury in garden, or fill up a clear glass bottle with pieces and place by sunny windows.


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