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Crystal Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Crystal Rose Quartz Bracelet


What it is: 

v  Delicate light, baby pink stone that activates the fourth chakra – heart

v  Promotes positive energy and improves all types of love: self-love, unconditional love and love for others

v  Raises self-esteem, curbs jealousy and balances emotions

v  Angela, our lovely therapist, pointed out that love starts it all – love helps to balance everything in your life and your heart must be in the right place to help you feel grounded

How to use

v  Rose Quartz Crystal Mist Spray(Not Included): 

1.       Place Rose Quartz in a glass bowl filled with 4oz of filtered water

2.       Set in sunlight starting at sunrise and let sun’s energy absorb until sunset

3.       Add 20-24 drops of oil (argan, jojoba, or almond) 

4.       Then, add 10-12 drops of rose oil

5.       Shake up and mist yourself whenever you need help in the love department

v  Rose Quartz crystal mist spray can also be used for the benefits from the rose oil – helps combat acne, reduces redness and inflammation, fades scars and refines skin texture.

v  Keep in your bra to have it closer to your heart – Angela expressed that she does this on days it’s needed most.


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