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Crystal Smokey Quartz Charm

Eco Chateau

Crystal Smokey Quartz Charm


What it is:
v Elevates mood
v Helps overcome negative emotions and relieve depression
v Relieves stress, fear, jealousy and anger
v Grounding stone, so it removes and changes negative energy
v Removes toxins
v Helps with nightmares and insomnia
v Root chakra – foundation of health and helps to live a balanced life

How to use it:
v Keep your smoky quartz by your computer desk to help protect yourself from computer or electronic device’s electromagnetic waves.
v Wear as a necklace to keep a positive mood throughout the day.
v Quick meditation practice: hold smoky quartz on your root chakra or hold in hand, inhale gentle deep breathes visualizing light entering your body from stone and exhale any nervous feelings to feel grounded fast.

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