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302 Skincare Detox Kit

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Here it is: the go-to kit everyone needs for healthy, beautiful, and vibrant skin. It is the perfect kit. ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDED. The 302 Skincare Detox Kit contains a multi-pronged approach for helping sensitive skin types, especially those with skin inflammation, rosacea, and acne, achieve clear, smooth, beautiful skin. Everything within this wonderful kit is perfect for ANY SKIN TYPE that wishes to maintain youthful healthy complexion.

Our Detox Kit Includes:

    • Remedy Rx (1oz)
    • Revive Rx (3.4oz)
    • Sensitive Cleanser Rx (3.4oz)
    • Calming Mist Rx (4oz)

    Remedy Rx

    302 Professional Skincare Remedy Rx is an effective healing solution for sensitive skin; raw, irritated skin, inflamed and chronically sensitive skin as well as for sun protection and moisturizing.

    Remedy Rx contains a natural, zinc oxide barrier cream designed for burns, rashes, open wounds and skin sensitive to sunlight. Especially helpful for baby rash. For even more effective use, combine with Calming Mist Rx to help spread. Apply as needed.

    This product is excellent for addressing visible signs of rosacea, dermatitis, skin issues following chemotherapy, radiation or a severe allergic reaction, and post waxing irritation.

    Touch up for acne spots and rough skin. Evens out healing across affected area, reduces chance of scars, safe around eyes. Remedy Rx contains no added essential oils. 

    Revive Rx

    302 Professional Skincare Revive Rx is a clear, fast absorbing gel for acne and aged skin problems especially for those seeking visible relief from shingles and irritated, dry skin conditions. This product is very effective for clearing visible stubborn acne whether inflammatory or pustular in character.

    Use as needed to provide moisturizing and visible healing. If drying does occur, reduce frequency of application. Very effective treatment of rashes and irritated skin. Follow with Remedy Rx. 

    Sensitive Cleanser Rx

    302 Professional Skincare cleansers for sensitive skin has been formulated to provide the ultimate in mild cleansing and skin softening which leads to the visible reversal of skin aging and blemishes caused by acne and inflammation.

    Sensitive Cleanser Rx is unique in the 302 Professional Skincare catalog. It is a clear, natural bacteriostat cleanser that is especially designed for very sensitive, irritated skin while being ultra mild and effective. It contains no added essential oils. 

    Calming Mist Rx

    The 302 Professional Skincare Calming Mist Rx is a simple moisturizing mist that is the foundation for product applications and sustained skin recovery. It makes application of the Remedy Rx more effective. Essential oil free. Soothing, hydrating and functional with all 302 Professional Skincare products.

    Especially helpful for very sensitive skin that needs and supplements hydration during the day.

    Excellent as aid for spreading products evenly such as Remedy Rx as well as our Active concentrates. 

      APPLICATIONS: Inflammation and acne. Follow instructions for results. Do not mix with products other than 302 Professional Skincare.

      Includes: REMEDY Rx (1oz), REVIVE Rx (4oz), SENSITIVE CLEANSER Rx (3.4oz), CALMING MIST Rx (4oz).


      1. Wash gently twice per day with Sensitive Cleanser Rx. Apply like a lotion to lightly wet skin. Massage in. Rinse very well with warm water. If skin is very sensitive, cleanse only once per day.

      2. Apply Revive Rx morning and evening. If skin is very sensitive, use only once per day or every other day. It will help to reduce itching while visibly remove rash/acne and most pustular acne problems. Keep away from eyes.

      3. Mist area with Calming Mist Rx. This toner will provide relief from inflammatory acne and helps against bacteria with green tea extracts. It can be applied anytime. Leave skin damp and go to next step.

      4. Apply Remedy Rx. Take a small amount and spread evenly across face using Calming Mist Rx to help spread a very thin, light layer. Remedy Rx should be clear. This can be done morning and evenings. It helps reduce rash and protects against the sun.

      You may continue this regimen until skin has stabilized. Note that sun protection for mild UV/UVB exposure is provided by the Remedy Rx product. For prolonged exposure, we recommend using SPF-15 or SPF-30.


      Remedy Rx

      Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, organic jojoba oil, methyl glucose ester, mixed silicones, glucose sesquistearate, beeswax, mineral colloid, prepolymer 2, polyglucose derived surfactant, cellulose polymer, iron oxides. 

      Revive Rx

      Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, cellulose polymer, polyglucose derived surfactant, C12-15 alkyl esters. 

      Sensitive Cleanser Rx

      Organic green tea, alkylated extract from sugar beets, polyglucose derived surfactant, kosher glycerine, urea, zinc oxide, cellulose polymer. 

      Calming Mist Rx

      Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, polyglucose derived surfactant, polysorbate 80. 

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