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Revive Rx

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Product Descriptions

302 Revive Rx is a fast-absorbing treatment cream that works on all types of skin for amazing dermatologic and aesthetic benefits!

Working on contact to soothe irritation, reduce itching, cool burning, and revive the skin, 302 Revive Rx nourishes the skin with reviving ingredients and moisture to boost the natural healing process for faster recovery and a more radiant look.

302 Revive Rx also balances oily, acne prone skin for long-term clarity. It also works on contact to reduce the size and appearance of active lesions for an immediately clearer appearance.

Recommended Skin Types

302 Revive Rx is recommended or all skin types and conditions, and it is particularly suited for itchy, irritated, and dry, dehydrates skin.


Lightweight, quickly absorbing gel works on multiple levels to improve the health and appearance of the skin
Balances problematic skin types to reduce acne without irritating Benzoyl Peroxide
Treats acne, irritation, and aging skin conditions all over the body
Soothes irritation and inflammation for cool, calm skin
Nourishes dry, dehydrated skin with rejuvenating moisture
Works on contact to relieve itching, burning, redness, and more
Great for dry hands, arms, ankles, and legs
Revives tired, dull skin for a vibrant, healthy appearance

How to Apply

After cleansing the skin, apply a modest amount of 302 Revive Rx to the surface of the skin, massaging it in until completely absorbed. Use every morning and evening for best results. Reapply as needed for enhanced benefits.

Do not use on broken skin.
Test on the skin for 24 hours prior to full use.
May cause temporary redness or pinkness.
Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs.

The ingredients list for 302 Revive Rx is presently not available.

* Contains no synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, preservatives, animal byproducts, parabens, petroleums, wilicones, phthalates, essential oils, or formaldehyde.

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